"Working smart with folder type walkie-talkie"
"Working smart with folder type walkie-talkie"
  • Dan Yoo
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KT Powertel announced on January 31 that it has released 'RADGER F2', which is an LTE walkie-talkie that has both advantages of a foldable Smartphone and a Smartphone.

'RADGER F2' is mostly characterized by applying a folder-type design to increase portability compared to current bar-type walkie-talkies.

RADGER F2 allows you to press the keypad button directly. You can check radio reception and notifications at a glance without having to open a folder. 

Workers in the manufacturing and construction industries who wear gloves due to external liquid crystal are also able to use them conveniently.

RADGER F2 supports IP68 (Ingress Protection 68) grade waterproof and dustproof functions. It is perfectly protected from dust and can last 30 minutes in a meter of water. 

RADGER F2 has 2.6-inch touch-screens inside its liquid crystal display for people who need to touch a screen such as setting up a device and operating an app. 

Based on 3 million pixels in front and 8 million pixels in rear, it is also going to support image walkie-talkie service.

RADGER F2's store price is set at 450,000 won (plus additional tax) and can be purchased at KT Powertel's nationwide dealerships.

"RADGER F2 is a device that can be useful in industries where portability of phones is important such as manufacturing and service industries." said CEO Kim Yoon-soo of KT Powertel. "As we have completed a lineup of 'Lazer 6' terminals that can be used according to needs of each industry, we will do our best to provide customized products and services to our customers."

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