Youfoodz implements NetSuite to make healthy eating easy
Youfoodz implements NetSuite to make healthy eating easy
  • Roberta Chan
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NetSuite helps award-winning Australian food delivery service increase visibility and control across complex supply chain and financial processes

SYDNEY, Feb. 5, 2019 -- Youfoodz, one of Australia's fastest-growing organisations, has implemented Oracle NetSuite to support the rapid growth of its award-winning fresh food delivery service. With NetSuite, Youfoodz has been able to increase visibility and control across every part of its growing business by taking advantage of a unified and flexible platform to optimize supply chain and financial processes. This has enabled Youfoodz to maintain its commitment to high standards of quality and satisfaction while managing increasing demand for its healthy meals, snacks and drinks from customers across Australia.

Founded in 2012, Youfoodz has grown by 498 percent in the last three years and now distributes its freshly cooked, made-to-order meals to more than 3,000 retail outlets and delivers online orders to thousands of homes across Australia each week. To keep up with increased demand and continue to enhance the customer experience, Youfoodz needed an integrated business platform to manage its "farm-to-fridge" supply chain that sees meals prepared just 24 hours before delivery to retail outlets or direct to consumers. After carefully evaluating different options, Youfoodz selected NetSuite to support its growing business.

"At our core, we're a just-in-time manufacturer. We source some of Australia's best produce and turn it into chef-made, convenient meals that keep their freshness despite being premade," said Myles Lawlor, CTO, Youfoodz. "To ensure we could deliver a meal anywhere in Australia, we needed to integrate every part of our business to meet rapidly growing demand without sacrificing our commitment to high quality standards and customer satisfaction. Working with NetSuite and SDN partner, DSI, allowed us to progressively transform our supply chain, with all its complexities, into a far more transparent and accurate entity within an extremely tight timeframe. This has allowed us to deliver cumulative improvements to our operation at literally every level."

With NetSuite, Youfoodz has increased visibility and control across every aspect of its business by replacing its existing portfolio of three separate finance systems and "countless" spreadsheets, access tables and scripts with an integrated business platform. By having a complete and real-time view into its business, Youfoodz has been able to focus on every single one of its customers with greater precision and attention to detail, even as its business rapidly expands. To maintain seamless customer service at all times, Youfoodz took advantage of SuiteSuccess, a unified and pre-configured industry cloud solution, to quickly and easily implement NetSuite.

"Food delivery is a complex and increasingly competitive industry with hundreds of thousands of Australians now enjoying home delivered meals," said David De Laine, GM, ANZ, Oracle NetSuite. "By combining high-quality, healthy products with exceptional customer service and the convenience of e-commerce, Youfoodz has grown rapidly and has twice been voted Australia's best food delivery service. As it continues to expand, NetSuite will provide the Youfoodz team with the visibility and control needed to continue to deliver the best possible service to customers."

About Youfoodz
Youfoodz is an Australian food delivery service dedicated to providing fresh, healthy meals, snack and drinks to customers. Visit to learn more.

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About Oracle NetSuite
For more than 20 years, Oracle NetSuite has helped organisations grow, scale and adapt to change. NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications, which includes financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce, used by more than 16,000 customers in 203 countries and dependent territories.

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