SK Telecom's two new technologies are selected as ITU-T's international standardization project
SK Telecom's two new technologies are selected as ITU-T's international standardization project
  • Lee Jun-sung
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SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho and CEO Gregoa Livodi are joining hands in February last year, agreeing to a deal to acquire the quantum cryptography communication company.

SK Telecom announced on February 7 that two new technologies related to quantum cryptography communication that were proposed at ITU-T meeting in Geneva, Switzerland were chosen as international standardization tasks.

Technology that has been selected as an international standardization task will become a global standard after discussion by dozens of ITU-T countries.

Two new technologies were adopted: a system to utilize quantum key distribution in a network and a method to use existing encryption system to distribute quantum keys. 

Both technologies are evaluated as core technologies that are necessary to apply quantum cryptography to telecommunication network.

SK Telecom was also approved in September last year to reflect the security framework for quantum key distribution and the final standard for quantum random water generator security structure technology in a network adopted by ITU-T as an international standardization task.

As SK Telecom has chosen two additional tasks, it will carry out a total of four international standardization tasks related to quantum cryptography technology in ITU-T.

"We are going to strengthen our bilateral leadership by developing global standards and expanding ecosystem in the future." said Park Jin-hyo, head of ICT Technology Center at SK Telecom.

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