SKT Introduces '5G Smart Office' for the First Time
SKT Introduces '5G Smart Office' for the First Time
  • Dan Yoo
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SKT employees are entering the office without a pass or fingerprint recognition through the 5G Walking-through system.

SK Telecom introduced '5G Smart Office' that was built at Centropolis Building in Jongno-gu, Seoul on February 13. 

'5G Smart Office' is an intensive structure of high-tech technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, security, AR, VR and others that are owned by SK Telecom. 

It is a place where people and space, devices, and sensors can exchange data with each other through 5G network and work without time and space.

Through 5G, employees can send large data such as hologram stereoscopic images directly to partners at a distance or collaborate in real time. Also, AI will take care of simple tasks such as appointment of meeting rooms and operation of heating and cooling.

SK Telecom is planning to operate '5G Smart Office' as a test bed and examine ways to shape its business model through partnerships with a variety of companies such as cloud operators, hardware and software partners, and security solution companies.

SK Telecom has installed IoT sensors on the ceiling of '5G Smart Office's office, parking lot, hallway, intelligent CCTV, AI vending machine, and even toilet door chains.

Through this sensor, various information such as temperature, brightness, humidity, device status, and frequency of use are collected and sent to the server in real time. 

Sensors control air conditioners and others so that they can provide optimal working environment through collected data. Also, space management will be carried out efficiently by analyzing information about space use. This process is handled automatically by AI-based Deep Learning technology.

"5G Smart Office is not a simple space innovation, but a solution that maximizes flexibility of 5G and ICT technologies and increases work productivity and work & Life Balance at the same time." said Shin Sang-kyu, Head of ER Group at SK Telecom.

SK Telecom introduced four types of Smart Office solutions.

SK Telecom also introduced four types of Smart Office solutions.

5G Walking-through System is a system where cameras can recognize faces through video analysis technology and AI's Deep Learning technology so that they can enter without a pass or fingerprint recognition system.

5G VDI docking system is a system that allows users to immediately work with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure if a Smartphone is plugged into a docking pad without a personal laptop or PC.

SKT employees are wearing AR glasses and holding meetings in virtual space through T-real telepresence.

T Real Telepresence is a mixed reality technology that can transcend virtual and reality. It is a service that combines VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). 

The service allows conference participants from far away to simultaneously log on and feel as if they were actually in the same room. 

There are AI-free vending machines and barista robots at 5G cafeteria. AI-free vending machine is an unmanned vending machine that automatically settles when a vending machine recognizes employees through video analysis technology and takes out drinks. 

"If 5G Smart Office is expanded, it will increase productivity of employees in knowledge-intensive industries such as information, medical, IT services, and education that need to respond to changes in markets." said Choi Nak-hoon, Head of 5GX IoT/Data at SK Telecom. 

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