BJC says, "Hyundai Motor has stolen our technology"
BJC says, "Hyundai Motor has stolen our technology"
  • Jung Se-jin
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Hyundai Motor lost its second trial of patent suit

Hyundai Motor Co., which is suspected of stealing technology from a small and medium-sized company, lost its second trial of the patent suit again.

The patent court rejected Hyundai Motor's claim in the second trial of a patent lawsuit filed by Hyundai Motor against the small and medium-sized company BJC on Feb. 15, calling for the nullification of the ruling that the patent judge did not recognize Hyundai Motor's patent registration. 

BJC, which has been in charge of removing the stench from the painting process of Hyundai Motor since 2004, jointly developed a patent with Hyundai Motor to remove the stench of paint using microbial agents. 

But in 2014, BJC filed a nullification judgment against Hyundai Motor in 2016,asserting that Hyundai Motor registered a similar patent by illegally using the results of BJC's experiments.

In response, the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board ruled that Hyundai Motor's patent lacked "creativity" and nullified its patent registration.

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