LG Uplus Introduces Realistic 5G Service at MWC 2019
LG Uplus Introduces Realistic 5G Service at MWC 2019
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.02.27 13:12
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Visitors to an exhibition booth at the LG Uplus 5G Exhibition Center in Barcelona, Spain, are expressing their admiration by using HMD devices and experiencing 360-degree VR contents.

LG Uplus announced on February 27 that it has introduced 5G communication technology-based B2C and B2B services and technologies under the theme of "5G that starts with LG" at MWC 2019, held in Barcelona, Spain.

At the exhibition, LG Uplus introduced its services to visitors using 5G network, LG Electronics' 4G flagship 'LG G8 ThinQ' and 5G Smartphone called 'V50 ThinQ 5G',

Visitors were unable to take their eyes off the realistic 5G daily presentation that will be presented at the large LED Media Wall, which is 5 meters high and 15.5 meters long.

"It was good to be able to experience our soon-to-be-changing daily lives on the big screen," said Nicholas Francesco, a graduate student.

A reporter who visited LG Uplus 5G exhibition hall at the MWC 2019 is paying keen attention to U+ professional baseball services that have evolved to 5G.

The advanced K-Pop U+ Idol Live feature, "idol close-up video," which allows only my favorite members to greatly expand and take a closer look at it, has drawn great attention. 

Global mobile network operators who visited LG 5G exhibition showed their intention to join the service after demonstrating baseball and golf broadcasting functions that have been changed with high-definition and the ability to freely select and turn around.

LG Uplus is planning to introduce 5G-based U+ baseball, golf, idol-Live updates and colorful AR/VR contents after demonstrating and displaying successful 5G services at MWC 2019.

LG Uplus' services that were introduced at MWC 2019 are the world's first four major technologies for 5G that have been verified in commercial network.

First of all, it fully implemented beam forming technology that provides average download speed of 450 Mbps to customers who are travelling at speeds above 80 km/h without loss. 

By utilizing SU-MIMO and SingleUser MIMO technologies, it has implemented 1.33Gbps, which is close to 1.35Gbps, which is a theoretical speed that can be provided to a single device, to ensure upload speed of image functions of U+ Idol Live per member.

By utilizing multi-user multi-input (MU-MIMO, Multi-User MIMO) technology, it is possible to provide services to many customers without slowing down at places like baseball stadiums.

Remote antenna orientation and shape were adjusted to reduce interference with surrounding base stations, thereby increasing service speed.

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