What would be better...? Foldable Phone or Dual Screen Phone
What would be better...? Foldable Phone or Dual Screen Phone
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Samsung Galaxy Fold (top), Huawei MateX (lower left), LG Dual Screen Phone (lower right)

It is a foldable phone that is definitely drawing attention from MWC 2019 exhibition as soon as it opened in Barcelona, Spain. 

Samsung Electronics unveiled its foldable Smartphone called 'Galaxy Fold' for the first time on the first day of opening of MWC 2019, but unfortunately, its foldable Smartphone appeared in glass tubes, which made visitors feel sad. 

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Fold in the Showroom

The same happened to Huawei, which introduced foldable phone one hour later than Samsung Electronics. 

Huawei introduced Mate X as the world's thinnest foldable phone, but it was not possible for visitors to experience it because it was wrapped in glass. 

Samsung Electronics has adopted an in-folding method for Galaxy Fold that is 4.6 inches when folded and 7.3 inches when unfolded. Huawei has adopted an out-folding method for Mate X that is 6.6 inches when folded and 9 inches when unfolded.

Although MateX has a much larger screen than Galaxy Fold, it has exposed a fatal problem where wrinkles are reflected on the hinge of the screen. The price of MateX was set at €2,299 compared to the Galaxy fold ($1980), which is about $700 higher. 

Journalists take pictures of the Huawei Mate X

As a result, there are prevailing opinions that Samsung Electronics' Galaxy fold will be better in competitions against foldable Smartphones.

When the two companies introduced foldable phones, LG Electronics introduced dual-screen phone with LG V50 ThinQ.

The Dual screen phone that LG Electronics introduced are not foldable phone. However, the atmosphere at the scene was more favorable than expected for LG Electronics. 

In particular, they believe that it is better than Samsung Electronics and Huawei because they have created an environment where people can experience the dual-screen phone. From the opening day of MWC 2019 to the present, the dual screen phone experience zone was the most crowded place at LG Electronics' booth. 

LG Electronics models introduces LG dual screen phone in LG Electronics booth

Dual screen itself weighs 131g and 15.5mm in thickness, and when connected together with V50, it weighs 314g and when folded, it is 181mm in thickness. Needless to say, heavy and thick. Also, there are criticisms that dual-screen phones cannot implement full screen compared to foldable Smartphones.

Nevertheless, many people said that they did not know why two screens were needed until then, but after using them, they knew why. In particular, many people say that it is highly useful as it can be used as a screen on one side and as a keyboard on the other.

LG dual screen phone

"Dualscreens are good because they can be attached and removed and two screens can be used separately," an industry source said. "Many people really want a foldable phone, but now a dual-screen phone is very useful."

As the price of foldable phones has surpassed the $2,000, concerns are growing that it will take time for them to become popular. Whether or not LG Electronics' dual-screen phones will succeed will be decided in price. 

According to industries, it is predicted that LG V50 ThinQ will be priced at $1,200 and Dual Screen Phone will be set at $200. Therefore, the combined price of the two products is expected to be around $1.400.

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