Renault Samsung Motors union stages another strike
Renault Samsung Motors union stages another strike
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.02.28 11:48
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The labor-management relations of Renault Samsung Motors are worsening. Despite the management`s proposal to set up a main negotiating table to settle the wage issue and collective bargaining, the union rejected it and again raised a strike card.

According to Renault Samsung on Feb. 27, the union rejected the 17th collective wage negotiation, which was proposed by CEO Dominique Signora. The labor union plans to go on a four-hour partial walkout from Feb. 27 to 28 to boost its negotiating power.

Renault Samsung, which started partial strikes last October, lost about 9,000 units and 160 billion won in production due to the longest strike in history, and its factory operating rate, which reached 98 percent, also fell to 75 percent last month.

Earlier, Renault Group vice chairman also visited the Busan plant on Feb. 22 and held five meetings with union members and emphasized that the agreement should be concluded within two weeks at the latest.

"If labor-management disputes at Renault Samsung are prolonged and production costs rise, we will lose our competitive edge in assigning follow-up supplies of Nissan Rogue," said the vice chairman.

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