Big Data-A.I. Technology Applied to Soccer K-League Broadcasting
Big Data-A.I. Technology Applied to Soccer K-League Broadcasting
  • Lee Jun-sung
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The first soccer A.I "BIGDB"
The first soccer A.I 'BIGDB' developed by J.First Games

Big data and artificial intelligence, the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, were first applied to the professional football industry.

J.First Games developed the first soccer A.I "BIGDB". 

It is expected that the BIGDB will generate new global data by analyzing all K-League professional soccer matches by soccer artificial intelligence.

Starting with the first round match of the K-League, Jeonbuk and Daegu on March 1, the BIGDB analyzed the game every second and started automatically generating real-time player ratings and team scores. It analyzes all K-League matches for one year by making them public in real time.

K League A.I. Report

The A.I technology allows soccer fans to view live data and power of real-time teams on sports broadcasts.

The BiGDB also allows soccer fans to check the attack and tactical data of soccer matches on their smart phones. 

Not only analysis of soccer matches but also technology and grades of individual soccer players are evaluated in real time, so it is possible to confirm them with a smart phone.

"With soccer A.I. technology, K-League games are charted in real time, like Billboard charts," said Jang Soo-jin, CEO of J.First Games. "The technology will allow soccer fans around the world to watch the English Premier League, Lariga and World Cup relay."

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