SKT – ADT Caps – SK Infosec presents a 'fusion security' future
SKT – ADT Caps – SK Infosec presents a 'fusion security' future
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SK Telecom, its security subsidiaries ADT Caps and SK Infosec jointly participated in the SECON2019, event of the nation's largest security expo, and introduced 'fusion security' and various security services and solutions. The photo shows a service of ADT Caps, which enables safe and accurate detection of surroundings using self-driving and 5G technology

SK Telecom, its security subsidiaries ADT Caps and SK Infosec announced on March 6 that they will present a specific future of convergence security, which is expected to be a new trend in security services, at SECON2019, a security exhibition.

SK Telecom, ADT Caps, and SK Infosec will participate in the SECON2019 (International Security Exhibition & Conference), which will be held at KINTEX in Ilsan from March 6 to 8. 

The three companies are going to introduce 'fusion security' service that encompasses telecommunication and ICT technologies, physical security and information security.

According to commercialization of 5G and AI, big data, and robot technologies, it is predicted that 'convergence security' service that is applied with new ICT technology will be newly introduced in current physical security and information security areas. 

As a result, it is predicted that security services that are integrated with Deep Learning, big data analysis, and security robot of artificial intelligence will be introduced.

SK Infosec will introduce South Korea's only converged security control platform called 'Secudium IoT'. 

By using the Secudium IoT, it is possible to block leakage of information by insiders and outsiders. 

It can be blocked if it is deemed to be an act of information leakage by monitoring the system comprehensively, whether they access the system beyond their authority, access the restricted area, or print confidential data.

Because it can also be used as an intelligent CCTV control platform, it can prepare for safety accidents that can occur in Smart City and Smart Factory.

The photo demonstrates face recognition based on AI technology in smart stores that show solutions that can predict the shape of future stores in advance.

ADT Caps are going to introduce a site cube of a custom integrated building management system. 

It is going to establish an integrated building management system such as elevator control, parking control, and access control beyond physical security areas such as unmanned security services. 

It is a converged security service that controls entire buildings by adding intelligent image monitoring and energy control functions, which are areas of IT.

In addition to a session that introduces security technologies for quantum cryptography, SK Telecom will introduce new security services and solutions that incorporate ICT technologies such as AI security, cloud security, and smart store. 

It is expected that it will lead the future of converged security by utilizing AI-based 'face recognition' and 'product recognition' technologies, as well as remote unmanned aerial vehicles and driving solutions.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom, ADT Caps and SK Infosec will introduce ICT convergence security and 5G communication technologies at the SECON2019 in KINTEX from March 6 to 8. And the three companies offer a variety of security solutions and one-stop security consultation services. 

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