NC Soft Holds Data Conference 'D-DAY'
NC Soft Holds Data Conference 'D-DAY'
  • Dan Yoo
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NC Soft held a data conference called 'D-DAY' at NC Pangyo R&D Center on March 8.. Director of Data Center Huh Joon-seok is answering questions.

NC Soft held a data conference called 'D-DAY' at NC Pangyo R&D Center on March 8.

D-DAY, held for the first time this year, is a place where NC Soft shares how it analyzes and utilizes game data and about 250 employees and industry insiders attended at the conference.

First session introduced NC data platform configuration technology and data analysis service. Second session introduced analysis and use of mobile games using MAP. The third and fourth introduced the Hive query processing system and the micro-service-based data ETL platform BigBrother. Final seesion introduced user behavior modeling using Log2Vec and Seq2Seq.

NC Soft Data Center was created in 2010. Currently, about 50 technology developers and analysts are working on R&D with the goal of improving their ability to process and analyze big data. 

NC Soft's data center consists of a data platform room responsible for loading and related technologies, a game data analysis room that performs game data analysis, and an I&I (Intelligence & Insight) room that derives data-based user behavior modeling and insight (Insight).

"Data center is collecting, storing, and analyzing game data that takes place at least several terabytes per day in real time," said Director Huh Joon-seok of Data Center. "NC Soft is focusing on research and development to secure source technologies that efficiently process and analyze data."

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