'Don't think you're leaving work because it's past 6:00 p.m.,' BC Card controversy
'Don't think you're leaving work because it's past 6:00 p.m.,' BC Card controversy
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.03.12 12:28
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The company explained, 'It is not the official document.'

BC Card has become controversial online by sending group e-mails telling new employees not to think of leaving work after six o'clock. 

According to an SBS CNBC report on March 11, the e-mails received by new employees who recently joined BC Card at anonymous communities, social networks and portal cafes were disclosed.

While 800 employees are obligated to work 52 hours a week, new employees who are not familiar with their work could not expect dinner. It is contrary to the fact that 52 hours of work per week are expanded throughout society.

The e-mail urges all new employees to follow the schedule when they do something related to their company's life, including work and assignments, and to go home after work, even after six o'clock.

He also delivered threatening remarks, saying, "It doesn't help to laugh and greet well." In addition, he said, "These days, even public servants don't work like this. There is nothing helpful to laugh and greet." He did not hesitate to make sarcastic remarks.

On the matter, BC Card explained, "It is only a guideline sent to new employees by a vice manager and not an official document of the company."

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