KAIST IP files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in the U.S.
KAIST IP files patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in the U.S.
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2019.03.12 12:40
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KAIST IP, a patent management subsidiary of KAIST, has filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics again. This is because Samsung Electronics infringed on a technology developed by KAIST.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics said, "The KAIST's patent technology and Samsung's technology are different. We will actively seek a legal action." 

According to an industry source on March 10, KIPB, the KAIST IP corporation in the U.S., filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm at a court in eastern Texas last month.

A technology that KAIST IP claims that Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm infringed on its patent is FinFet. FinFet, a three-dimensional transistor technology that is frequently used in smartphones, serves to make mobile devices faster.

This is not the first lawsuit between KAIST IP and Samsung Electronics. KAIST IP filed a lawsuit in November 2016 against Samsung Electronics for stealing FinFet technology.

About two years later, a jury in the eastern Texas District Court ruled that Samsung Electronics should compensate KAIST IP for $400 million (about 454.8 billion won). However, no final decision has been made in the first trial since the verdict of the jury.

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