Netmarble 'Seven Knights', unveils vampire-concept hero 'Bartory'
Netmarble 'Seven Knights', unveils vampire-concept hero 'Bartory'
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2019.03.13 11:25
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Netmarble announced on March 12 that it has updated its mobile RPG 'Seven Knights' to add new hero "Bartory".

The Bartory is a hero of hidden powers and has skills with vampire concepts. Not only does the Batori give the other person a powerful damage, but it also has the ability to regain strength with the damage he or she has given him.

Seven Knights also added a new event, "The Devil's Whispering Way." The devil's way of whispering can be cleared once a day. 

By using the stone as a soulstone to be provided for in the Yeongji area, the company will be able to obtain abundant rewards such as a choice of six-star royal jewels, a new hero, a six-star batori and a batori costume.

It also marks an even wider tower of welcome ahead of its fifth anniversary update. 

The Tower of Phantom has been extended from the previous 20th to 40th floors, and various rewards can be obtained by clearing the stage.

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