FTC recommends Google to protect content copyrights
FTC recommends Google to protect content copyrights
  • Dan Yoo
  • 승인 2019.03.15 10:14
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The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to revise the terms and conditions that allowed Google to unilaterally close user accounts or delete contents on YouTube, an Internet video service.

In addition, the FTC also decided to revise the clause that did not impose any restrictions on what users edit the video uploaded by themselves and use it again.

In addition to YouTube, social networking service providers such as Facebook and Kakao have been required to change the terms and conditions that allowed users to keep separate copies of their photos and videos in a server even if they delete them.

It is the first time in the world that the commission has detected issues infringing copyrights at YouTube's terms and conditions and issued a corrective order.

The FTC reviewed the service terms and conditions of large online businesses in Korea and abroad, including Google, Facebook, Naver and Kakao, and recommended Google to correct unfair terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions in question include the extensive use permit provision for the members' works, the unilateral deletion of contents by the business operators, the termination of accounts or the discontinuation of services, the change of terms and conditions without notice, and the comprehensive agreement regarding service terms and conditions and personal information collection

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