AI Crypto releases second version of Decentralized Application
AI Crypto releases second version of Decentralized Application
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  • 승인 2019.03.16 06:38
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AI Crypto released the second version of Dapp (Decentralized Application) on March 15th. It has added the key practical functions that users need after launching the world's first Dapp for artificial intelligence(AI) development in October last year.

The newly developed key functions of AI Crypto Dapp are AiCrypto Deeplearning Service (ADS) and payment machanism with AIC (Ai Crypto's Coin). ADS is consisted of Learning Service; AI model learns by virtual GPU bound with multiple high performance hardware in Mining Pool and Distribution Service, which then distributes the learned model to Mining Pool servers.

Users can utilize its deep learning technology with ADS after logging in to Ai Crypto Dapp via Metamask by paying the expenses in AIC. The current service is for general developers and planned to be expanded for the business related customers in the future.

AI Crypto is a team of experts in artificial intelligence, developing an AI resource distribution platform based on blockchain to provide individuals to develop and use AI. In 2018, the team launched Dapp for AI development and made partnership with Shinhan Data System in recognition of its own technology expanding its business customers related in AI, VR, and FinTech.

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