SKT to establish a 5G infrastructure with the highest security technology
SKT to establish a 5G infrastructure with the highest security technology
  • Dan Yoo
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A SK Telecom employee is holding a quantum random number chip that is applied to a subscriber's certificate number.

SK Telecom is going to establish a secure 5G infrastructure that can be used safely by introducing quantum cryptography communication technology into 5G network. 

From now on, huge amount of data will be sent through 5G network in areas where security is required such as self-driving, finance, telemedicine and smart factory. 

Quantum cryptography communication technology is a communication technology that prevents eavesdropping by creating a key that can only be decoded by senders and receivers by using characteristics of Quantum(minimum unit of physical quantity that can no longer be miniaturized). 

SK Telecom employees are checking subscriber certificate servers that are equipped with quantum random number generator.

It is evaluated as the safest method of communication encryption among existing security technologies.

To paraphrase the existing communication method as the act of exchanging balls, it is difficult to tell if a third party secretly intercepts the ball and then delivers the replica. 

On the other hand, quantum cryptography communication is like exchanging bubbles. Even if a third party touches bubbles, the form will be transformed, making it impossible to hack or clone.

SK Telecom is going to apply quantum crypto-based authentication server to 5G network ahead of popularization of 5G network in earnest, and it is planning to extend its application to LTE network sometime during this year.

SK Telecom is also planning to strengthen security of sending and receiving 5G and LTE data by linking IDQ's Quantum Key Distribution technology to Seoul and Daejeon, which are the key transport areas of nationwide data traffic, in April.

"By preemptively introducing quantum cryptography communication technology into 5G, customers using SK Telecom will be able to experience differentiated communication services," said Kang Jong-ryul, head of ICT Infra. "SK Telecom will provide the safest 5G network in the world."

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