Hana Tour blamed for poor handling of canceled package program
Hana Tour blamed for poor handling of canceled package program
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.03.19 12:20
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Hana Tour has embroiled in controversy over its poor handling of canceled tour package program. Hana Tour reportedly asked package travelers to sign an agreement that allows them to travel freely for their own expenses after failing to deal with the current travel schedule due to bad weather. Moreover, when they refuse to sign it, the travel agency has withdrawn a local guide.

According to the SBS news report on March 17, the "C" couple took their children, along with 12 other travelers, on a package tour through Vancouver to Yellowknife in Canada, where they joined a local guide for a tour.

However, the plane, which flew to Yellowknife, returned to Vancouver due to bad weather and the package travelers were forced to stay at the Vancouver airport.

They barely got in touch with Hana Tour and met a guide in Vancouver, but the guide for Hana Tour requested them to sign an agreement to travel freely at private expense instead of the Yellowknife tour schedule.

When package tourists refused to sign the agreement calling for their own expenses without providing food or hotel expenses, the Hana Tour abandoned the tourists and withdrew the guide.

The package tourists, who were forced to enjoy free travel, protested after returning home, saying, "The sale of goods was wrong." But Hana Tour said, "The schedule could change due to natural disasters and provided the best option to meet local conditions."

"Even if the schedule had to be changed due to natural disasters, it was irresponsible for Hana Tour to only force tourists to take a free trip at private expense without presenting an alternative itinerary," said a travel agency official.

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