NCSOFT reveals AI development cases at 'GDC 2019'
NCSOFT reveals AI development cases at 'GDC 2019'
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.03.19 12:43
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NCSOFT announced on March 18 that it will introduce cases of research and application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) at its global game developer conference called "GDC 2019."

NCSOFT will announce 'Blade & Soul' on March 19 (local time) on the subject of "Reinforcement Learning in Action: Creating Arena Battle AI for Blade & Soul," which is a pro gamers' level using reinforcement learning. 

Based on user log data, NC applied both learning and self-battle plays at the same time for developing its AI. It has advanced its technology to a level where the company can now develop its AI agent to the level of professional gamer in about a week (350,000 games).

On March 21, it plans to present “Deep Learning based Large Scale Inverse Kinematics Accelerated by Intel OpenVINO Toolkits.” Yoon Dong-won, a researcher of the Game AI team, will introduce an example of how he improved quality and speed significantly by using IK technology. 

IK is one of the essential skills in the gaming computer graphics field. It can be applied to hundreds of characters at the same time. You can get natural animation results like motion capture.

Meanwhile, NC, under the leadership of CEO Kim Taek-jin, operates five labs under the AI center and NLP center. A total of five AI areas are being studied at Game AI Lab, Speech Lab, Vision Lab, Language AI Lab of NLP Center, and Knowledge AI Lab. About 150 people are working on AI.

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