Micro-IP Inc. Builds a One-Stop Platform Service for Realization of Intelligent System
Micro-IP Inc. Builds a One-Stop Platform Service for Realization of Intelligent System
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Innovative System Design and Realization Model for the Technology Paradigm Shift

HSINCHU, Taiwan, March 26, 2019 -- The multi-facet AI and IoT markets generates a real value creation problem for the system suppliers on customization and differentiation. With its unique AI and ESL (Electronic System Level) design flow, Micro-IP Inc. has recently built up an agile semiconductor and electronic system open supply chain platform with its 180+ partners to address the fragmented market needs. This world's first innovative platform can provide highly flexible SoC and system design and manufacturing service to create differentiation for customers in the new paradigm.

Micro-IP General Manager, James Yang
Micro-IP General Manager, James Yang

For more than 40 years, Moore's law has been the driver for the electronics system advancement. With the coming ending of the Moore's Law, the industry become flourishing with new application trends like IoT, Robots, autonomous vehicles and AI. However, it is difficult to meet the customization and differentiation needs for these markets due to different reasons like small volume, low efficiency for customization and extremely high NRE for cutting edge SoC.

Micro-IP General Manager, James Yang, said, "Data will be the fuel to drive the future, and the need for hardware/software co-optimization will become even more critical to provide higher system value." Micro-IP 's one-stop platform service for intelligent system design and realization is established to provide target customers like large IC/system companies with high risk exploratory projects, small and medium IC/system companies have no hardware resources but in need of specialized IC or hardware with services including IC/system design and realization. This unique service platform is based upon three main core competencies, ecosystem cultivation, ESL fast virtual prototype and AI design flow. Initially, the company will focus on AI-based AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), Blockchain and automotive electronic system. The scope will extend to other intelligent systems as the customer base broadens.


James Yang said, "ESL design flow can optimize the system architecture according to user scenario and customer requests with desired performance, power, throughput, cost, etc." Equipped with proprietary automatic architecture exploration tool, Micro-IP will be able to build and synthesize the optimized architecture and schedule according to system specification and IP database within shortest time possible.


ESL is not only the first step in the system development, but it also extends to the final product verification. It is actually the overarching factor to the success of system development schedule, cost and quality. With ESL design flow, designer can simulate the system hardware/software operation at initial stage, preclude design defects and optimize the whole system. It will save a lot of redesign resources, cost and, most importantly, time for latent design defects at later stage of system development.

There are more than 180 partners worldwide and more than 100 IP available on the Micro-IP Inc. platform. The diversity of partners on the regions, capabilities and positions on the supply chain can meet various customer customization needs. As the platform grows to include more and more participants, the unique quality management and online big data analysis can provide our customers and partners with best quality and real time market information. It is a win to every participant on the platform since service providers can promote their service through the platform and customers can get insurance on the success of their use of IP, optimum design and cost solution. In such a way, system providers can accelerate their product time to market with optimized performance and cost structure.

"For example," indicated by Micro-IP Executive Board Director and Greater China GM, Dr. Kurt Huang, "Internet of vehicles is a huge opportunity for hardware, software, big data and the whole ecosystem alike. Micro-IP joint forced with EV (Electrical Vehicle) system integration expert Global Unitek to develop an intelligent vehicle cabin platform, so that it can serve as an Internet of vehicle data acquisition platform for the whole vehicle ecosystem. The internet of vehicle data platform can definitely spark new innovative services based upon the big data set."  

From semiconductor, PCB to IoT, autonomous vehicle, Blockchain, the scalable system optimization platform from Micro-IP Inc. will help to reignite the growth engine of the electronic ecosystem by shifting the value creation paradigm from pursuing cutting edge silicon to optimized system in different user scenario.

About Micro-IP Inc.

Micro-IP Inc. has set its goal at building a one-stop platform service for intelligent system realization based upon global semiconductor supply chain to provide its customers and members with services like silicon IP, SoC design, assembly/test, electronic OEM/ODM to software/App design. With its proprietary AI and ESL design flow, Micro-IP Inc. can optimize the system architecture for the user scenario within shortest time. There are more than 100IP available from the members on the platform which can be applied in various intelligent systems like AI, IoT, Blockchain, car electronics, etc. Flexible business model of Micro-IP Inc. allows customers to engage the project in any node of the supply chain and exit from any other node.

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