Blockchain DEXOND as decentralized Applications hosts the public sale for 15 Million DXN coins
Blockchain DEXOND as decentralized Applications hosts the public sale for 15 Million DXN coins
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[NEW YORK] DEXON, an innovative blockchain technology as the ultimate solution for real-world, industry-level decentralized applications (DApps), hosts the public sale of its native currency, DXN coins, from March 27 to April 3 exclusively on COBINHOOD's Coin Offering Platform. Open to investors with a hard cap of 15 million DXN coins, the public sale will be a key milestone before DEXON's mainnet launch in the second quarter of 2019.

DEXON Public Sale 
Unlike popular blockchain systems hamstrung by high latency, security threats, or mining centralization issues, DEXON solves the infamous blockchain trilemma of decentralization, security, and scalability to accelerate the mass adoption of this technology. Through cutting-edge protocols including fair cryptographic sortition, partition-resilient and responsive Byzantine agreement, DEXON provides a high-performing and reliable infrastructure for DApps that can be applied across various industries, including IoT, smart payments, gaming, music, and assets exchange services. 

Since publicly announcing its plans to build a universal blockchain platform in 2018, DEXON has demonstrated strong performance traction, such as hitting 12,000 Transactions per Second (TPS) with fast finality of 1 second on the testnet; establishing a close partnership with the prestigious venture capital firm, IDG Capital; and introducing DEXON demo DApps, ArcadeX and DEXON Chat, a DApp Hackathon, a DApp Incentive Program and an upcoming Content Bounty Program.

"We are humbled by the great support and interest shown by various stakeholders over the course of the year about DEXON. As our team prepares to release the DEXON mainnet, this public sale's primary purpose, rather than fundraising, is to allow our supporters to become active contributors to the network's growth. It is a mutual testament between our team and our supporters' commitment to expanding the DEXON ecosystem, and we invite everyone to participate in this sale to enjoy, first-hand, DEXON and its products and features to be rolled out in the coming months," said Popo Chen, co-founder of both COBINHOOD and the non-profit DEXON Foundation. 

DXN Coin Allocation

The total supply of DXN coins sits at 4 billion. The genesis supply is 1 billion DXN (25% of the total coin supply), while the other 3 billion DXN will serve as mining rewards (75% of the total supply) after the DEXON mainnet launch.

Sale Price

The 15 million DXN coins fixed for the public sale are available at a price of USD $0.2 each. Participants can contribute to the public sale with BTC, EOS, ETH, TRX, or USDT. The minimum amount of each purchase must be at least USD $50 worth of cryptocurrencies. Across the entire period of the public sale, each account can acquire a maximum of 250,000 DXN coins.

Users holding COB tokens on COBINHOOD Exchange will be eligible to claim up to 37% additional DXN bonus by redeeming with their COB Points.

Usage of DXN coins

The first and foremost utility of the DXN coin is to cover transaction fees on the DEXON platform. In addition, coin-holders with enough DXN coins can become validator nodes and join the DEXON network.

Legal Restrictions for Citizens and Residents

Due to laws and regulations in applicable jurisdictions, the public sale is not available for citizens and residents of Canada, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan, and USA.

DEXON's Latest Roadmap

Along with the public sale, DEXON unveils its latest roadmap towards building a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem. Upon launching the DEXON mainnet, the team will also introduce three flagship products: DEXON Teleport, a cross-chain bridging service supporting Ethereum, EOS, and allowing multiple cryptocurrencies to move into and out of the DEXON blockchain; DEXON Wallet, the gateway to the DEXON ecosystem where users can safely store and manage DXN assets; and the DEXON DApp Store, a decentralized platform where users can explore all the verified DApps on the DEXON mainnet.

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