Samsung Electronics to Attend Milan Design Week 2019
Samsung Electronics to Attend Milan Design Week 2019
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The company exhibits design philosophy under the slogan, “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul” at Via Bergognone 26 during Fuorisalone
Under the theme of "Resonance," Samsung Electronics has set up an exhibition hall where visitors can experience design philosophy. Visitors are experiencing behaviors such as breathing, sound and moving that change the form of the work.

Samsung Electronics, today announced that it will hold its design exhibit, showcasing its user-centered design philosophy at Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone 2019. The venue is located in Via Bergognone 26 in the Tortona Design District. As Samsung Design Center’s exhibition, ‘Resonance’ will showcase Samsung’s design philosophy under the new slogan, “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.” 

The company’s Digital Appliances Business is also showcasing “The Samsung 24hr Kitchen,” a unique installation that celebrates the renewed centrality of the kitchen as the heart of the home. The exhibition merges aspirational design and visionary food installations with Samsung’s refined built-in kitchen appliances. The 24hr. Kitchen is located at Brera Site in the Brera Design District. 

“Our design philosophy is always inspired by people. With millennials representing a growing demographic and changing the consumer culture in unique ways, Samsung is reinterpreting its user-centered design philosophy in a modern way,” said Don Tae Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics. “One way in which millennials show their distinctive lifestyle is how they constantly yearn to discover new things and take on challenges, which calls for bold approach and creative designs. We aim to install our authenticity and emotional resonance into our designs that permeates through people’s daily lives.” 

Samsung’s ‘Resonance’ Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019


The Design Showcases with “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.”

Millennials bring new values, lifestyles, and mindsets to daily living. Samsung has long been committed to design excellence and suited for ever-evolving consumer tastes, putting people at the center of its design philosophy. With millennials becoming more influential culturally, Samsung is bringing new design concepts and application to reinterpret its core design philosophy.

Samsung’s ‘Resonance’ exhibition will showcase advanced connectivity and a multi-sensory experience built on the company’s technological leadership. The exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019 will take visitors to a maze-like space filled with iridescent lights where they can directly interact with the exhibition based on daily behaviors, such as breathing, talking, and touching – ultimately becoming a part of the exhibition. This is the resonance between artwork and the audience that Samsung is pursuing by enhancing interaction between people and objects. 

World-renowned food artist Laila Gohar is explaining to local media and visitors about the artwork made from food ingredients.


Redesigning the Heart of the Home with a 24-Hour Kitchen

Samsung’s Digital Appliances Business is also attending Fuorisalone as an exhibitor for the first time. The exhibition will celebrate the renewed centrality of the kitchen as the heart of the home with the Samsung 24hr. Kitchen concept, an interpretive installation that features Samsung’s advanced built-in kitchen appliances. The exhibition is designed to demonstrate how the kitchen has become a dynamic hub at the center of consumers’ 24/7 daily routines.

Designed in collaboration with internationally-acclaimed food designer Laila Gohar and the U.S.-based design consultancy, 2×4, 24hr. Kitchen showcases a single day spread across three connected rooms representing each phase of the day: morning, day and evening. The three phases of day will be seamlessly connected with a specially designed kitchen counter that twists from one room to the next, representing a full 24-hour cycle. The exhibition features Samsung’s latest built-in products, including the Dual Cook Flex™ oven, Induction cooktop, Twin Cooling Plus™ refrigerator, and WaterWall™ dishwasher. Visitors can also experience Samsung’s three built-in package lineups —Smart Kitchen, Black Stainless Steel, and Silver Stainless Steel. Each lineup combines Samsung’s technology with a modern, simple and sleek design approach. Samsung also integrates various TV products including The Serif and The Frame within the context of its 24hr. Kitchen exhibition. 

“The kitchen has become a core part of millennial homes. It is the hub of their home, where they cook, eat, and connect with friends and families,” said Harry Choi, Senior Vice President of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “By showcasing the Samsung 24hr. Kitchen at Fuorisalone, we hope to strengthen the brand power of our built-in kitchen appliances while continuing to develop product innovations for consumers, whose lifestyles are continually evolving.” 

Samsung’s ‘Resonance’ exhibition, open from April 9th to April 14th, is located in Via Bergognone 26 – Tortona Design District, Milan – and is free entry from 10 am to 8 pm.

The Samsung 24hr. Kitchen, open from April 8th to April 14th, is located at Brera Site — via delle Erbe, 2, Milan – and is free entry from 10 am to 8 pm.

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