KT Hwang said, "We will solve 5G service quality within a short period of time."
KT Hwang said, "We will solve 5G service quality within a short period of time."
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2019.04.19 13:22
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KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu has promised to resolve the issue of quality of 5G services within a short period of time. 

A variety of questions were asked at a KT hearing held at the National Assembly Science and Technology Information and Communications Committee on April 17 over such issues as 5G disruptions and last year's fire accident.

Lee Sang-min of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea told Hwang, "Despite the achievements of commercializing 5G for the first time in the world, KT is ignoring the quality of use." 

Recently, there have been a flurry of complaints and complaints among consumers regarding 5G services, including disconnected phenomena and poor access. "We know what complaints consumers have and the resolution will be made as soon as possible," Hwang said. 

"All of our employees are working to improve quality of 5G and we hope you will take into account that this is a problem due to early commercialization," he added. 

In response, Rep. Lee said, "In the early stage of commercialization, the quality issue is not the responsibility of the customers using the service, but the business operators are responsible. Please let early users know what to do about quality assurance."

After commercializing 5G Smartphones, 3 mobile telecommunication businesses are facing emergency situations due to quality problems such as errors in switching LTE-5G and slow down of speed. 

SK Telecom also held an executives emergency meeting on April 10 and the CEO himself ordered to increase the level of service completion. "We need to take customers' voices in all areas such as 5G coverage, speed, contents, and customer service strictly and quickly increase service level." said SK Telecmo CEO Park Jeong-ho.

At the hearing on the same day, questions were also asked about the cause of the fire at KT's Ahyoun branch in November last year. 

In particular, on allegations that KT systematically disrupted fire investigations by the National Emergency Management Agency and parliamentary hearings, Hwang Chang-kyu said "KT continued to cooperate."

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