Major U.S. media outlets reported, 'Samsung Galaxy Fold phones are breaking.'
Major U.S. media outlets reported, 'Samsung Galaxy Fold phones are breaking.'
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Image source = Bloomberg IT reporter, Mark Gurman's Twitter.

Controversy is brewing over the discovery of a device defect problem on Samsung Electronics' ambitious foldable smartphone "Galaxy Fold." 

Major U.S. media outlets reported on April 18 that Samsung Electronics had a number of fatal problems in its pre-delivered Galaxy fold demonstration products to media companies and famous YouTube on April 15.

The Burge, an IT media outlet, wrote an article about the Galaxy fold phone used, saying that while it was being opened, closed and placed in the pocket, debris had popped out in the middle of the display.

CNBC, which specializes in economics, noted that Samsung should find out the cause of the defect as soon as possible before the release, along with a photo of the Galaxy Fold, whose left side is blacked out among the screenings. 

Other foreign media outlets reported that the screen blinks and lines go down just one or two days after using the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold was scheduled to release LTE-based products in the U.S. on April 26. Although the company has claimed the title of the world's first foldable phone, if found to be defective, Samsung Electronics will lose face. 

When foreign news reports were made public, Samsung Electronics explained that it is only a matter of use and not a fault in the device itself.

Samsung Electronics explained that it has developed a new composite "polymer" material and placed a "screen shield" on its surface to provide experiences of folding smartphones. Samsung also said the flaw reported by the media was caused by the user removing the screen shield arbitrarily.

"Galaxy Fold's screen shield serves to protect the screen from external shocks or scratches," said a representative for Samsung Electronics. "The screen protection screen will never be removed arbitrarily and will notify consumers to use it."

Samsung added that such problems generally did not occur in other products that did not open the protective screen as instructed. 

However, CNBC reporter Todd Hazelton said, "Even though we didn't remove the screen shield, the screen on the left came to blink just two days after use."

Samsung Electronics said that it will collect products and analyze them in detail when there is a case of defective screen that has not been removed. Samsung Electronics, however, said it has no plan to delay sales and will proceed with the release of the U.S. market on April 26 as scheduled.

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