Keep it safe with an electric stove with 14 types of safety devices
Keep it safe with an electric stove with 14 types of safety devices
  • Kim Min-jee
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Three out of every 10 fire accidents in the country are found to have occurred at home and the number and percentage of fire accidents occurring in kitchens is increasing gradually.

It is known that the electric stove is relatively safer than the gas stove. However, without the use of a separate professional safety device, the electric stove can cause fires due to carelessness or companion animals. Experts recommend using an electric stove with enhanced safety, such as output and time control through temperature sensing sensors.

Recently, LG Electronics said it has applied 14 types of safety devices to the LG DIOS Induction Wide Zone electric stove (model: BEF3MT).

Safety devices applied to the LG DIOS induction wide zone electric range include a "Lock button" that prevents malfunctioning even when pets or children are touched, a "output control" that detects the temperature and prevents it from overheating, the "overheat detection" that automatically controls the output when the temperature of the cooking utensils rises sharply and a "temporarily low" that reduces the output of all fireballs to a minimum with a single button.

The smart ThinkQ function allows users to easily control and monitor the stove remotely through a smartphone app even outside their home. 

"As 30 percent of the fires at home occur in the kitchen, it is essential to consider safety features when choosing an electric device for the kitchen," an LG Electronics official said.

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