Huobi DM launches Tron(TRX)--the seventh crypto asset type
Huobi DM launches Tron(TRX)--the seventh crypto asset type
  • Bob Milliken Reporter
  • 승인 2019.04.27 14:03
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Credit: Huobi DM


[SINGAPORE] Huobi DM announced on April 26 that it became even more versatile today with the launch of Tron (TRX). Tron's inclusion marks the seventh coin type to be added to the innovative crypto asset trading platform since its launch in November. 

"The addition of Tron is another big step towards our goal of making Huobi DM the most powerful and flexible platform of its kind," said Ross Zhang, CEO of Huobi Group. "We look forward to adding even more coin types over the course of this year."

Inclusion on Huobi DM means traders will be able to take both long and short positions on TRX, allowing for arbitrage, speculation, and hedging. Since 2017, TRX's value has fluctuated between USD 0.001091 and USD 0.300363.

As part of Huobi's rollout of TRX, we will be giving away 1 million TRX tokens to Huobi DM traders and offering a 100% maker fee rebate on TRX contracts to our users. 

In addition to TRX, Huobi DM offers weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly cryptocurrency contracts for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since its launch in late 2018, Huobi DM has grown rapidly, recently exceeding USD $100 billion in cumulative trading volume. 

Features of Huobi DM: 

* Competitive fee structure for TRX: 0.02% to open or close for makers and 0.03% to open or close for takers. 
* Superior risk management: including Price Limit, Order Limit, and Position Limit. 
* Superior risk control: with our sophisticated price limit mechanism, no clawback has occurred since its launch. 
* Real-time risk supervision: we constantly monitor contract prices, index prices, abnormal transactions, and positions. 
* Newly raised open position limits for all crypto contracts to up to twice their previous level and order limits to more than double their previous level. 
* User protections: To cover the societal losses attributed to unfilled liquidated orders/settle incidents in contract trading, Huobi also has a dedicated Risk Management Insurance Fund for each trading pair. 


Digital assets are innovative trading products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your trading ability and make decisions prudently. Please note that users must clear the requisite KYC checks and assessments prior to commencing usage of Huobi DM. Huobi DM is not available to users from the United States of America, Singapore, Israel, Iraq, Hong Kong (China), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, Samoa Eastern, Puerto Rico, Guam, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

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