KOGAS says, 'Hydrogen cars can run 100 km at 9,000 won in 2030'
KOGAS says, 'Hydrogen cars can run 100 km at 9,000 won in 2030'
  • Jung Se-jin
  • 승인 2019.04.29 12:40
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Korea Gas Corp.(KOGAS) has set a goal of lowering the price of 1 kilogram of hydrogen to 4,500 won by 2030. Kim Young-doo, acting president of KOGAS, announced a roadmap for promoting the hydrogen business on April 28.

It was reported that a car can drive about 100 kilometers with 2 kilograms of hydrogen. Currently, the price per kilogram of hydrogen in Korea is between 6,500 won and 7,500 won.

The corporation has set a goal of reducing hydrogen prices by 2030 by expanding the use of low-cost byproduct hydrogen (hydrogen generated as by-products from petrochemical processes) and switching to a high-tech, high-volume supply system.

It estimated that by 2040, technology improvements and imports from abroad could lower the price to 3,000 won.

KOGAS also said it will invest 4.7 trillion won to provide 1.73 million tons of hydrogen per year by 2030.

Within about 10 years, it plans to build 25 hydrogen production facilities and build a 700km pipe network to transport hydrogen.

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