Samsung Galaxy S10 5G suddenly catches fire
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G suddenly catches fire
  • Dan Yoo
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A user posted a photo on an online cafe that Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G has caught on fire. (picture = Samsung Electronics' smartphone cafe)

According to report form Naver Cafe, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has caught on fire, and it is completely destroyed.

"I was working on my own work after I put the Galaxy S10 5G on my desk on April 18," Galaxy S10 5G user said on April 30. "All of Sudden, smoke came out of the device, and it started to burn. It's only been six days since I bought the device." 

The user immediately visited the Samsung service center and entrusted it with the cause analysis, but the answer, which returned after two weeks, was "external signs of damage."

"I was surprised because of smoke on my smartphone. So I had no choice but to throw the product on the dirt floor," he said.
"There was no external shock before the fire started."

"The phone was on fire and it fell off, so should I hold it even at that moment?" the user asked. "When the Samsung Galaxy S10 falls, does it explode like this every time?"

However, Samsung Electronics said in response, "We conducted various tests, including X-rays, on the product. The analysis confirmed that there were strong marks of stamping. The strong shock damaged the battery, causing the fire. There are no defects in the product."

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