Clarivate Analytics introduces AI new drug development prediction program in Korea
Clarivate Analytics introduces AI new drug development prediction program in Korea
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.05.03 10:49
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Clarivate Analytics released its new drug-development artificial intelligence prediction program, called Cortellis Analytics—Drug Timeline and Success Rates (DTSR), in the Korean market on May 2.

The program is an artificial intelligence prediction program that applies algorithms considering drug program characteristics to some 70,000 new drug programs and analysis information that has been accumulated for 15 years in the most difficult field of forecasting new drug development, and allows users to get the most accurate and up-to-date results through machine learning, according to the company.

Unlike previous programs based on standardized benchmarking, algorithms, and insufficient data, DTSR has improved accuracy by about 25% compared to previous ones by using machine learning techniques.

In particular, the company explained that DTSR more accurately predicts the success potential of each new drug development phase and the timing of its release, including the milestones of drug development, based on the vast data of Cortellis, which includes 165,000 company profiles, 325,000 clinical test data and 91,000 transaction information, as well as 70,000 new drug programs and new drug development trends analysis data accumulated over 15 years.

"We hope this innovative artificial intelligence forecasting program will help Korean pharmaceutical companies lead global new drug development with accurate predictions and portfolio strategies," said Kim Jin-woo, head of Clarivate Analytics Korea.

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