Mgame moves to start blockchain game service in earnest
Mgame moves to start blockchain game service in earnest
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.05.08 10:19
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Mgame introduced its schedule for EOS-based blockchain game portal "EOS Royal" and game contents, which are scheduled to be released in May, and the test site screen shots for the first time on April 3.

Mgame's blockchain game portal "EOS Royal" will be based on EOS, which maintains a solid ecosystem through its main net last year. From simple dice games to RPGs (Role Playing Games), the company is planning to introduce various genres of games sequentially.

First of all, the game "dApp" and "EOS Scratch," which will be introduced in May along with the site's opening, has two types of "EOS Dragon Dice" and "EOS Scratch." Afterwards, it is planning to introduce high-quality blockchain action RPG, called "EOS Siege Battle" by the end of this year.
All game dApps in "EOS Royal" offer Mgame's game token "BEM" in addition to EOS. Users can receive dividends through reinvestments with the BEM gained.

Mgame is planning a variety of services through its BEM. In addition, the company plans to incorporate blockchain-based content into various online and mobile games within the game portal as well as blockchain game dApps.
"We've been preparing various games such as game dApp, blockchain game portal and Mgame token BEM to actively respond to next-generation platforms for this year's game, which will be the first year in which various blockchain games will be featured," said CEO Kwon Yi-hyung of Mgame. "We will actively prepare new projects by actively participating in blockchain R&D and services that cover the game field through EOS Royal and the non-game field related to cryptocurrency businesses."

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