IVS to launch world's first intelligent VMS
IVS to launch world's first intelligent VMS
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.05.16 12:30
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IVS signs LEAD partnership agreement with co-developer Senturian

IVS, an AI-based intelligent video and sound analysis company, signed a LEAD partnership agreement with Senturian Solution on May 15. Through this partnership, both companies are planning to release AI-based "Intelligent VMS" soon.

The general VMS only supports CCTV video storage and Live View. Intelligent VMS, meanwhile, was developed to jointly use IVS' intelligent image analysis and sound source analysis by installing AI image analysis engine on top of the general VMS. Intelligent VMS allows users to use a variety of IVS image analysis algorithms such as  intrusion, theft, throwing, loitering, fire, smoke, and violence.

Senturian is a global VMS developer with branches in the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Middle East and Taiwan. Both companies started developing intelligent VMS in August last year and are about to be released at the last minute.

Intelligent VMS armed with AI-based image analysis engine will be released for the first time in the world and is expected to be a new milestone in global image security markets.

With only one intelligent VMS, a store can detect intrusions and thefts in real time to prevent theft, and at industrial sites, it can detect collapse of field staff, fire, and smoke  to prevent possible accidents at industrial sites in advance.

In other words, in the event of an accident, it can be recognized on its own and immediately notified to the person in charge to help the person perform quick actions to minimize human or property damage. 

In the future, IVS plans to further upgrade the intelligent VMS by applying the new imaging analysis technology under development (criminal detection, illegal parking detection, tail gating, etc. through face recognition technology) and the key imaging analysis algorithms developed to date to the VMS.

IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon (center) poses for the camera with Sean Tham (left), global sales director of Senturian, and Choi Kyung-jin, head of IVS Singapore Corp., after signing a partnership pact on May 15.
IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon (center) poses for the camera with Sean Tham (left), global sales director of Senturian, and Choi Kyung-jin, head of IVS Singapore Corp., after signing a partnership pact on May 15.

The official name of the intelligent VMS to be released is "Senturian Neurolitics." The two companies expect love calls from various countries after the official launch, as they successfully staged demonstrations in many manufacturers in the Middle East, Hong Kong's chain stores and Taiwan's elementary schools and public institutions in the development stage before launch. 

"We hope that this year's release of intelligent VMS, which is the first year for full-fledged entry into global markets, will help expand overseas markets and overseas sales," said IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon. "We promised that both companies will cooperate closely to pioneer AI security market while exploring intelligent VMS markets."

Meanwhile, Sean Tham, global sales director of Senturian said, "We have prepared to sell intelligent VMS to various countries, including Vietnam Smart City Project, Indonesia Retail Project, Dubai Public Authorities, and China, Hong Kong, and the United States. Customers responded well in the pre-demo and we are expecting more than $10 million in sales due to a flood of requests for installation after the official launch."

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