Google for Startups hosts 2019 mentoring event for Korean startups
Google for Startups hosts 2019 mentoring event for Korean startups
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.05.21 11:49
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Google for Startups, a start-up space created by Google, said it will host the "2019 Startup Advisors Summit" that will help local startups advance into the global market for 12 days from May 20 to 31.

Marking its fourth anniversary this year, the event is a startup support program to help start-ups grow and leap forward, with Google experts selected from around the world staying on the Google startup campus for two weeks. 

This year, 10 Google experts from a total of five countries, including the U.S. and Europe, and seven Google branches will visit Seoul to offer intensive mentoring programs to help local startups set up and operate business strategies such as business development and management strategies, partnerships, marketing and UX/UI design and engineering to advance into the global market.

A total of eight startups will participate in the intensive mentoring program. Each startup will team up with Google experts to carry out customized projects to diagnose the current stage of its business and solve problems. 
Google experts will work together to help each startup achieve specific goals and achievements in a short period of time based on Google's strategy to set goals and key outcome indicators.

"We are proud that startups that participated in last year's Startup Advisors Summit have made positive achievements in the global market, such as launching products overseas or forming partnerships. While enhancing business capabilities through mentoring and others during the program is also significant, I think building a long-term global network based on this program is the biggest achievement from a startup perspective," said Han Sang-hyeop, Korea's general manager of the Google startup campus.

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