Daelim Industrial sets up foundation of tower for Turkey's Canakkale Bridge
Daelim Industrial sets up foundation of tower for Turkey's Canakkale Bridge
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Daelim Industrial and SK Engineering & Construction are moving 60,000 metric tons of Caesons from the production site to the site where they will be installed.

Daelim Industrial has successfully set up Caisson, a foundation supporting the tower of Turkey's Canakkale Bridge with SK Engineering & Construction. It installed the first Caisson in mid-May and the second Caisson this time to complete all of it.

According to the company on May 28, the Caisson of the Canakkale Bridge is in the form of two cylindrical steel materials mounted on a hollow square grid-shaped concrete structure. A total of two were manufactured on land near the site for about 15 months from February last year.

Up to 1,300 workers and more than 9,000 Remicon trucks were used daily. Each weighs 60,000 tons. The height is 47 meters, and only concrete structures are equal to the Grand Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Caisson serves to fix the 318-meter-high tower to the seabed.

The key of this project is to place Caisson on the seabed, which is located in a precise location by design. To this end, four tugboats carried out high-level work, taking into account the movement of sea water for about 72 hours after moving Caisson to sea.

The Daelim Industrial-SK Construction consortium introduced a ballast system used to balance ships in order to pour water in the empty space inside Caisson and submerge it.

It is a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)• -type public-private partnership project that will build 3.6km suspension bridge, the world's longest, and 85km-long connection road, and operate it and then transfer it to the Turkish government. 

The Canakkale Bridge is the world's largest suspension bridge with a total length of 3,600 meters and a main span of 2,023 meters, the distance between the tower and the tower. 

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