In 5G smart office era, you can do all your work with your smartphone
In 5G smart office era, you can do all your work with your smartphone
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SK Telecom is demonstrating its mobile VDI service at the 5G Smart Office inside the Centropolis building in Seoul.

SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics and Cisco will jointly push for mobile-based 5G Smart Office business.

SK Telecom signed a business agreement with Samsung Electronics and Cisco on June 5 at SK Telecom's headquarters in Eulji-ro, Seoul to promote 5G Smart Office business. 

The three companies agreed to cooperate in planning and developing new services for 5G Smart Office, forming integrated packages through combining products and services, and promoting joint marketing.

Smart Office, along with Smart Factory, is a service dedicated to major businesses in the 5G era and is expected to drastically increase work efficiency and productivity.

All 5G Smart Office that is provided by SK Telecom can be done with just one Smartphone. At 5G Smart Office, an environment without office PCs, wired corporate phones, and LAN lines will be implemented by utilizing 5G network. Office PCs will be replaced by Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

Mobile VDI, a combination of cloud, mobile-based business environment solutions and customized 5G network, is a system that allows users to work by simply plugging a smartphone into a docking pad without the need for an office PC or laptop. 

SK Telecom's B2B Business Manager Choi Il-kyu (center) and Samsung Electronics' Executive Director Lee Hyun-sik (left) and Cisco Korea's Vice President Choi Ji-hee (right) signed an agreement on June 5 to carry out 5G Smart Office business.

Cable phones, commonly seen in offices, are also replaced by mobile corporate phone services. Mobile corporate phone service offers separate work numbers to individual smartphones. 

SK Telecom will provide a mobile-based video conference solution and a virtual workspace exclusively for cloud-based teams. Previously, separate equipment had to be built for video conferences and assembled in conference rooms, but in 5G Smart Office service, video conferences can be immediately held anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone. 

Meanwhile, the three companies will jointly launch smart office integrated packages and services in the second half of this year. 

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