Vietnam has many contributions to ASEAN solidarity and development
Vietnam has many contributions to ASEAN solidarity and development
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After 52 years of establishment, ASEAN is considered to be one of the  most dynamic and highly developed economic regions in the world, becoming the 3rd largest market in Asia with more than 650 million people, accounting for 8.59% of the total population. The world number, GDP per capita reached US $ 4,305, it is expected that this figure will double in 2030, making ASEAN the 7 th economic community in the world, with a total GDP of US $ 2,766 billion - US dollars. In the common development of ASEAN, Vietnam is considered one of the most active members, enthusiastically participating in  regular activities of the region.

Vietnam has many contributions, opening a new stage of development of ASEAN

Due to the important geostrategic position in the region, Vietnam is considered a bridge between mainland Southeast Asia and island Southeast Asia. In 22 years of joining ASEAN, Vietnam has made significant contributions to the unified structure of this bloc: Vietnam has positively promoted ASEAN to accede Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, contributing to the expansion of the bloc. , bringing ASEAN from the original six countries to become Today's Community of 10 ASEAN countries.
Only 3 years after joining, Vietnam successfully organized the ASEAN Summit 6. "Hanoi Action Program" (HPA) was adopted to help ASEAN maintain cooperation and strengthen its position in difficult time caused by the financial crisis in 1997 - 1998.
In particular, Vietnam has successfully completed the role of Chairman of the ASEAN Standing Committee (ASC) in 2001 and the position of ASEAN President in 2010 with substantive results, contributing to promoting "enforcement culture" and concretize an important step in forming the ASEAN Community 2015, enhancing the Association's international role and position. Moreover, Vietnam also plays an important role in promoting the expansion of ASEAN's cooperation framework with its partners, including the East Asia high-level cooperation mechanism (EAS) with the participation of Russia. and the United States, the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting (ADMM +) and lobby for ASEAN to be represented at the G20 Summit.
Vietnam has joined with key members to promote ASEAN to build many important documents of the Association such as: "Vision 2020 and implementation plans", "ASEAN Declaration 2", "ASEAN Charter" , "Roadmap for ASEAN Community Development" (2009-2015), "ASEAN Joint Initiative (IAI)" on collecting development gaps, "ASEAN Master Plan and Connection (MPAC)" ... Meanwhile, Vietnam and other countries have developed and implemented targets and targets to establish the ASEAN Community. So far Vietnam could be one of the leading countries in implementing the goals of building the ASEAN Community 2015, with nearly 95% of action lines being implemented. These are important contributions to the establishment of the ASEAN Community.

Judging by the role of Vietnam in the development and cooperation of ASEAN, the former Singapore Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr. Teck Hean commented: “Vietnam is a dynamic country with economic growth. It is faster than many countries in the region. That development has helped Vietnam to strengthen its position in the regional and international schools. That also allows us to understand that the ASEAN Community cannot form and develop comprehensively without Vietnam ”.
Vietnam actively promotes cooperation within ASEAN and between ASEAN and its partners.

After the cold war, there are still threats of peace and security in Southeast Asia: historical territorial disputes such as territorial disputes, sea, islands and pictures conflicts in the East Sea, the Spratly Islands create suspicion among some countries; there is still a gap between rich and poor, population explosion, environmental pollution, massive migration, international crime and domestic security difficult to control.

In this context, Vietnam gradually participates in regional security cooperation activities with the policy of respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and does not interfere with each other's internal affairs; not creating a military alliance, not against a third country, without confrontation; through peaceful negotiations to resolve disputes including disputes over the sea and islands in the South China Sea in the spirit of respect for international law and the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, while actively promoting negotiations to find basic and long-term solutions.In 2011, Vietnam and ASEAN countries urged negotiations with China to build a "Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea" (DOC) and are currently working with ASEAN to promote negotiations with China to build " Code of conduct in the South China Sea "(COC). Vietnam also led efforts in ASEAN to ensure regional security. Immediately after becoming a member, Vietnam actively participated and made an important contribution, being one of the founding members of the Regional Forum (ARF), urging ASEAN to sign the Treaty on the Non nuclear in Southeast Asian.

In the field of politics, as the ASEAN coordinator at the UN Security Council, Vietnam on behalf of ASEAN countries spoke at many open discussions on ASEAN issues of concern. In 2012-2015, Vietnam played a role in coordinating cooperation mechanisms between ASEAN and its partners China, EU and India. Vietnam has contributed to connecting, expanding, deepening relations, including strategic relations between ASEAN and these partners. Mr. Randall Schriver, assistant to the US Secretary of Defense for Indian and Pacific Ocean Security, said: "Vietnam, which is going to assume the ASEAN Chairmanship by 2020, will be an important partner of United States in deploying Indian-Pacific-Pacific strategy. ”

Economically, compared to other countries in the region, Vietnam has achieved high economic growth rates, always determined to be responsible for fulfilling its commitments. Vietnam has surpassed the group of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar in ASEAN 4, creating a new level in ASEAN.Vietnam has experienced a difficult period and is transitioning to a market economy with many successes achieved. Compared to the time of starting to join ASEAN Free Trade Area in 1996, the total import-export turnover between Vietnam and ASEAN has increased approximately 7.7 times, from 5.91 billion USD in 1996 to 45 , $ 23 billion at the time of November 2016, of which Vietnam's export of goods to ASEAN increased nearly 12.4 times, from USD 1.6 billion in 1996 to USD 19.9 billion. By the end of June 2016, the total import-export turnover between Vietnam and ASEAN was 28.1 billion USD, of which export turnover was 12.2 billion USD and import turnover was 15.9 billion USD. In addition, by 2018, Vietnam's tariff elimination rate under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) is 98%. Thus, among the 16 FTAs that Vietnam is implementing, the ASEAN intra-ASEAN FTA (AFTA) has the highest tariff elimination rate of 98% with a roadmap of 19 years.

Vietnam will assume the role of Chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) from January 1, 2020. In particular, recently, Vietnam was elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the term of 2020 - 2021. With the experience that has held these positions, Vietnam will fulfill its role well. ASEAN President in promoting intra-regional cooperation and enhancing ASEAN's position with the outside.Assessing the role of Vietnam in ASEAN as well as the preparation of Vietnam for the second time to assume the role of ASEAN President 2020, Mr. Peter Girke, Chief Representative of KAS Fund Office in Vietnam, said: Vietnam's experience will certainly benefit ASEAN when Vietnam takes the position of ASEAN President in the near future, and Mr. Shahriman Lockman, Malaysian Institute for Strategic and International Studies expressed: "I think that Vietnam has a lot of potential to assume ASEAN Chairmanship. Vietnam, being elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the term of 2020-2021 is an opportunity for Vietnam to contribute not only its voice but also the ASEAN Community. in an important and big forum like the United Nations ”. Korea also appreciates the role of Vietnam in ASEAN. This is one of the reasons for the President Moon Jae In's government to promote relations with Vietnam as one of the key points in the implementation of the New South Policy.

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