Small and Medium Size Enterprises Revolt Against the Recession
Small and Medium Size Enterprises Revolt Against the Recession
  • Daniel Ko
  • 승인 2010.06.04 16:40
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Some small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) see the recession as an opportunity to spark a profitable period. Recently, KOTRA and other global companies published a report regarding methods that could develop companies during the recession. Many excellent small and medium sized enterprises aided in the publication of this report. The report has insight on how to successfully develop companies to fit certain markets. It also introduces specific small and medium sized companies and how they can develop their companies.

Recently, Japan's V-CUVE Co. developed a Web Meeting System which provided good sales during the recession. It is a system that requires no terminal and contains internet access with a simple system with an affordable price.

The United States' Telebrands Co. produced commercials about products (infomercials) that were shown through commercials and available on your television. By doing this, they cut back on commercial fees while boosting their sales. The New York Times, CNN, ABC, and NBC all reported about this infomercial product trend.

KOTRA's Director of Trade Research Division, Han Sun Hui stated, "It is a fact that small and medium sized businesses' economic slump is relatively weak  Through these investigations we realized that is not always the case." Many small and medium sized companies are struggling due to the recession, but it is possible that they can create positive results by targeting certain markets and developing other profitable methods.


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