South Korea's Ministers "SKT's 5G Smart Office is Amazing"
South Korea's Ministers "SKT's 5G Smart Office is Amazing"
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SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho (second from right) introduces the 5G delivery robot to ministers
SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho (second from right) introduces the 5G delivery robot to ministers

South Korea's Science, Technology, Information and Communication Minister Yoo Young-min, Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Yoo Eun-hye, Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Sung Yun-mo, Health and Welfare Minister Park Neung-hoo and Fair Trade Commission Chairman Kim Sang-jo visited the site of SK Telecom's smart office.

The Ministry of Science and Technology said the five ministers visited the smart office with 5G technology on June 20. Ministers who attended this meeting had time to experience 5G service that is applied to many areas of Smart Office. At the entrance of Smart Office, a device that allows cameras to recognize faces quickly and automatically verify their identity is installed.

SKT's smart office opened and closed the entrance without a employee's certificate, and introduced the function of choosing the right seat for the job through the seat reservation system located at the entrance of the office. Available seats, indoor humidity, air quality, available toilets and phone booth information were also provided through the seat reservation system screen.

It introduced a function that opens documents that were previously working on a monitor once a Smartphone is plugged in, a delivery robot for mail to seats, and a mixed reality (MR) technology that allows meetings and collaboration with distant attendees.

SK Telecom announced its vision to the ministers to showcase businesses that can coexist and develop both small and medium partners and corporate customers by creating a convergence ecosystem between 5G and AI-based industries. The proposed business strategies are B2B models such as 5G Edge Cloud and 5G Smart Office expansion. 

SK Telecom is planning to establish "mobile edge computing (MEC)" on 5G network in major regions of South Korea in the future. MEC is a method that reduces transmission intervals by installing small data centers in 5G base stations or exchanges. 

Since March, SK Telecom has been operating 5G Smart Office as a venue for exchange that can offer technology cooperation to small and venture companies and others. It's plan is to expand a cooperative ecosystem so that small and medium-sized companies with weak financial resources can easily discuss technology development and shape their business models.

Th company also called for active government support and participation in fostering the 5G ecosystem to boost corporate investment in 5G.

"We will make efforts to create value-added products between industries and contribute to the development of the nation's economy by pouring out diverse and innovative 5G B2B business models along with the government and domestic and foreign companies," said Park Jeong-ho, CEO of SK Telecom.

"The 5G is not a simple extension of telecommunication technologies such as 3G and 4G, but a source and key foundation for creating new and innovative services such as self-driving and smart factories," Minister Yoo Young-min said. "The government will provide the best support to help South Korea preempt the new B2B-based 5G market by pushing the 5G+ strategy without a hitch." 

Minister Yoo Eun-hye said, "We came here with a simple idea, and the 5G technology and level are very surprising."

Minister Sung Yun-mo said, "if 5G is used in industrial sites in life as well as in the telecommunications sector and leads to entry into the global market, it will greatly help our economic development."

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