Merck KGaA presents innovative materials for organic electronics, photovoltaics and flexible displays at LOPE-C 2010
Merck KGaA presents innovative materials for organic electronics, photovoltaics and flexible displays at LOPE-C 2010
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Darmstadt, Germany - As a leading provider of printable organic semiconductor materials for organic electronics (OE), Merck KGaA will be presenting four complete brand portfolios at this year's LOPE-C (Frankfurt, May 31-June 2).

The lisicon® brand provides materials and formulations for producing innovative OE applications such as flexible displays, organic solar cells and organic RFIDs. A significant benefit of OE technology is the appeal of solution processable fabrication methodologies that allow freedom of size, form factor and application architecture as well as cost efficient manufacturing processes. lisicon® materials and formulations are customised to target specific requirements and are compatible with mass production techniques, including spin coating, inkjet printing, gravure and flexographic printing.

The extended livilux® range now includes a complete new set of electron, hole transport and matrix (host) materials for small molecule-based OLEDs. These materials enable display and lighting customers to decrease the operating voltage and at the same time increase the overall efficiency of the OLED. With state-of-the-art analytical equipment and methods Merck ensures high purity and reliability. Therefore livilux® OLED materials are ideally suited for mass production.

Merck isishape® is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly range of materials for smart, simple structuring in display and photovoltaic applications. These printable etching pastes can be selectively used to etch transparent conductive layers (TCO), various metals, and layers made of silicon, silicon dioxide and silicon nitride.

Under the lisiflexTM banner, Merck will introduce materials for color electrophoretic displays (EPD). The company is currently developing a range of custom-formulated fluids that will give display manufacturers more freedom in creating reflective, color filter-free architectures. The materials are based on a proprietary dyed polymer micro-particle approach, and are suitable for both in-plane and vertical EPD pixel architectures.

About the Convention

LOPE-C (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) is a major international conference and exhibition that was held for the first time in 2009. It provides a forum at which the leading industry and science can present today's achievements, explore new application possibilities, and discuss tomorrow's trends. LOPE-C was initiated by the OE-A (Organic Electronics Association), of which Merck KGaA is a board member. The OE-A is a working group that is part of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

With 75 exhibitors and over 600 attendees, last year's LOPE-C was the largest exhibition ever held in the field of printable electronics. This year's event promises to be even bigger: The organizers have scheduled around 100 presentations featuring high-profile experts, and expect to welcome more than 800 attendees and delegates at the Congress Center of the Frankfurt Trade Fair.

Merck speakers

The attractive program includes two presentations by Merck specialists.

An introduction to Merck's advanced OE and EPD materials for display and flat panel applications will be given by  Dr. Tomas Backlund, Senior Research Physicist at Merck Chemicals Ltd. UK, at the press conference on June 1, (12:00h), VIP Lounge, Level C1. Dr. Johannes Canisius, R&D Director at Merck Chemicals Ltd. UK, will talk on "Functional Materials For Printed And Flexible Electronics" at the Main Conference Track 3 Spectrum 2 / Level C2 (12:00h June 1).

Throughout the conference, a team of Merck experts will be available at booth A24 to answer visitors' questions about products, applications and developments.

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