E-Learning Land Rush Begins for Apps and Developers
E-Learning Land Rush Begins for Apps and Developers
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Ejovi Nuwere, CEO and Founder of Land Rush Group, visiting Seoul, June 2010

He was one of the 2005 Businessweek top 25 most talented entrepreneurs, Ejovi Nuwere.  Mr. Nuwere visited Korea this week.  He is CEO and founder of The Land Rush Group in Japan.  The company digitizes and monetizes content for customers using an online platform that, little known to many, was sourced in Korea.  In fact Ejovi said, "the close cooperation between the public and private sectors to commercialize is what keeps me coming back to Korea."  That top industry pundits are watching Korea is good news for developers in the context of forthcoming releases of the iPad and the reasonably high uptake of smartphones and what that might mean.  


Ejovi Nuwere is often written about as a man whom struggled against overwhelming odds to be where he is today.  In fact he writes of his journey in his memoir, Hacker Cracker, that he wrote in conjunction with David Chanoff.  He was a young man on a razor's edge with a type of giftedness where he could have shaken hands with those that would lead him into long prison sentences and more and more dubious associations but instead he became a white hat hacker, that tests systems, within a corporation.  He went on to help build and start or own many companies including Fon, Security lab and Land Rush Group.  These days the past is the past for Ejovi Nuwere, though his significantly brilliant job of capitalizing upon aspects of his past is leaving a positive mark where he treads.  In good stead and character he does not appear to forget where he came from at all with respect to giving a hand up to those who express an interest in computing as he did in his younger days and he sponsors students to develop products within Korean Universities.  Mr. Nuwere was on his way to meet a Korea University delegation when he spoke with Korea IT Times. At the moment Mr. Nuwere is a special advisor to the Japan Times as well as their platform provider via Land Rush Group.


This time, Ejovi Nuwere's visit to Korea was to visit the computing laboratories at Korea University, to see some of the leading companies such as Megastudy as well as having a look at the industry to see how people are making money in e-learning in Korea, how companies are teaching and to ensure that he stays ahead of the curve.


He also gave hint that his company might be building a new team to develop software for e-learning for sale in Japan, but within Korea.  In terms of Land Rush Group news previews, Korea IT Times was told that Land Rush Group will be announcing more Japanese brands using their platform in the next three months.


Nuwere sees Korea as "a valuable proving ground and the value of its large domestic market should not be ignored." Though exporting is attractive to Korean companies. To assist exporters of technology to Japan he said, "the biggest issue is with quality control," as it seems that Korean people have a slightly more experimental approach to technology and Korean consumers take no issue with Beta versions of a product or service. "In Japan the product must be 100% complete with no bugs."


In terms of e-learning futures, he applauds the human consumption rather than search engine consumption focus that smartphones enable and in this context he sees the edutainment perspective of e-learning as fairly prominent in most of the success stories he has been involved with. Nuwere works very closely with universities and sees Korea as best situated for technology partnerships with Japan.  Ejovi Nuwere said, "I am always looking for interesting things. "

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