KOTRA signed MOU with Korea Airports Corporation
KOTRA signed MOU with Korea Airports Corporation
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  • 승인 2010.06.08 09:28
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On June 7, KOTRA and Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) signed an MOU agreement for increasing exports of Korean aircraft and airport equipment as well as revitalization of entering world markets. Cho Hwan-ik, CEO of KORTRA and Sung Si-chul, CEO of Korea Airports Corporation attended to make a contract.

Both associations promote cooperation in various fields, support equipment export planning for the next flight and airport, sharing and dissemination export-related information, holding Export Fair sessions and trade missions

Meanwhile, KOTRA in cooperation with KAC scheduled to hold a European airports and port equipment procurement market and export consultation meeting on June at KOTRA and 9 nine European airports and port officials will participate in this event

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