Learn the safety experience by virtual reality
Learn the safety experience by virtual reality
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Ahn Cheon-soo, head of Incheon Development Center at Korea Midland Power Co., is experiencing a virtual reality safety experience education system.

Korea Midland Development Co., (KOMIPO) launched a project on July 19 for a safety experience education system based on virtual reality technology. 

As part of comprehensive safety management measures to eradicate disasters in KOMIPO, the project plans to establish a fourth industrial revolution-based virtual reality safety experience education system at all power plants.

Seocheon Construction Headquarters' safety experience education system is a game that uses virtual reality technology to find safety experiences and risk factors similar to those of disasters such as falls and crashes, where the ratio of casualties is high during industrial accidents.

It will also create a foundation for supporting public safety experience services by producing additional VR contents for safety experiences in the earthquake, stenosis and living safety sectors.

Employees at the meeting had a crash experience as a virtual reality motion simulator and discussed various ideas for successful project completion. The system to be developed will be installed and operated first at the virtual reality safety experience center in Incheon and Jeju Development Headquarters around August. It will also expand and install Boryeong and Seoul by the end of the year.

"We will make efforts to create a safe world together by strengthening our safety management system," said Park Hyung-koo, president of KOMIPO.

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