SK Broadband Signs MOU to Support Advertising for Small Merchants
SK Broadband Signs MOU to Support Advertising for Small Merchants
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.07.29 00:01
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Yoon Won-young (right) is taking a commemorative photo after signing an MOU with Ryu Jin-jin, chairman of The Korean Advertising & PR Practice Society.

SK Broadband said on July 28 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with The Korean Advertising & PR Practitioners Society (KAPPS) to support small merchants' promotion of advertisements.

KAPPS is actively engaged in developing educational know-how to foster excellent advertising personnel that can contribute to advertising promotion practices.

Through the agreement, SK Broadband and KAPPS agreed to work together to strengthen the competitiveness of small merchants who are struggling with advertising publicity based on the media infrastructure the two companies have.

To that end, SK Broadband will select small merchants that need advertising and promotional videos and support the costs for producing the videos. KAPPS plans to produce promotional videos in conjunction with several universities.

SK Broadband and KAPPS will also support advertising promotion for small-scale commercial users, eliminating difficulties in securing video production costs for small merchants. It will also provide practical marketing support, providing college students with a vivid field practice opportunity.

"We will actively work together to strengthen competitiveness of small business owners and create social values in the future," said Yoon Won-young, a general manager of SK Broadband's operations.

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