Myung In Pharm faces 71.7 million won in fines for violating advertisement
Myung In Pharm faces 71.7 million won in fines for violating advertisement
  • Lee Kap-soo
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Myung In Pharm was fined more than 70 million won for violating the Article 68 of the Pharmacist Act. 

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said it recently handed down administrative measures to impose a fine of 71.7 million won on Myung In Pharm.

The administrative action came in light of the fact that advertisements for the gum medicine "Ekatan F Capsule," a flagship item of Myung In Pharm, provided information that could be mistaken for consumers.

The ministry said that the company's promotional phrases on its Website such as "complex prescription drugs with four ingredients" and "pharmacological action by ingredients," which indicate an upward effect in the prevention and treatment of gum disease, could cause consumers to be mistaken for the medicinal effects.

Huons Medicare was also suspended from manufacturing "Rifenac Eyes Drops." The reasons for administrative disposal are the violation of the Para 2 of the Article 62 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and Article 76 of the Rules on the Safety of Medicines, etc.

According to the ministry, the results of collecting and testing the "Rifenac Eyes Drops" of Huons Medicare were evaluated as "inappropriate" in the preservative test.

Huons Medicare will be banned from manufacturing the "Rifenac Eyes Drops" for 15 days from Aug. 5 to 19.

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