Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold in September...Huawei Mate X Launch Postponed Again
Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold in September...Huawei Mate X Launch Postponed Again
  • Jung So-yeon
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Huawei Mate X (left), Samsung Electronics Galaxy Fold (right)


Huawei has postponed release of foldable Smartphones until November. Industries are paying keen attention to the reason behind another delay in the launch in September.

Huawei recently postponed the launch of its foldable smartphone "Mate X" from September to November, according to U.S. IT media called "Tech Radar." As a result, it is expected that Samsung's Galaxy foldable phone, which is expected to be released in September, will be the first foldable phone to be released in the market.

Huawei unveiled its out-folding foldable phone Mate X at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in February, and said it will release the product sometime in June. However, it has already postponed the release date once to improve OLED displays.

Due to Huawei's series of delay in release of foldable Smartphones, Samsung Electronics will be able to gain an upper hand in competitions for foldable Smartphones. Samsung and Huawei have been engaged in a sharp war of nerves over the dominance of the foldable market, a new form factor in the smartphone market.

Samsung unveiled the foldable phone at the MWC in February alongside Huawei and was scheduled to launch the Galaxy fold in the North American market in April. However, both companies delayed the launch due to product defects and other reasons. 

On July 25, Samsung confirmed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in September. After being displayed at the IFA 2019 in Berlin in early September, Galaxy Fold will be released globally sequentially at around $1,700 (2.04 million KRW). 

"The Galaxy fold, which will be released in September, has designed a screen protection film at the top of the Infinity Flex display under the bezel. Now the user cannot arbitrarily remove the screen protection," said Samsung Electronics. "We also put a protective cap on the top and bottom of the hinge. This is a correction to the issue raised by the U.S. IT media."

Huawei is not talking about why it postponed its release in September. IT industry insiders predict that the U.S. government's designation of Huawei as a trading restriction has made it impossible to mount Google Android, causing problems. Huawei introduced its own OS, Harmony OS, as it was unable to obtain Google Android licenses.

Given that Google is developing a new OS that is optimized for foldable phones, however, analysts say that without the Android OS, Mate X could fall behind in competition.

Meanwhile, it is predicted that Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Fold, LG V50S ThinkQ, Huawei's Mate X, and Apple's iPhone 11 will compete fiercely in second half of this year.

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