IVS, Jinju City to build a high-tech transportation safety city based on Big Data & AI
IVS, Jinju City to build a high-tech transportation safety city based on Big Data & AI
  • Lee Kap-soo
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IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon
IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon


IVS Technology said on Aug. 20 that it will participate in Jinju City's project to establish a system to revitalize the traffic big data ecosystem. 

Jinju City has been selected as a local government to revitalize the traffic big data ecosystem for the creation of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)'s Big Data and AI-based high-tech traffic safety city, and will pursue the project with IVS, a company specializing in AI.

The project is designed to support local governments that are unable to resolve traffic issues due to their own conditions and provide services based on a transportation platform (View-T) developed by KOTI. 

View-T is a system to provide traffic monitoring, analysis and data. It offers basic traffic DBs and spatial transportation analysis tools throughout the country based on mobility data.

KOTI selected the top four local governments by evaluating a total of six items, including ▲the project's urgency ▲ the project's relevance ▲ the self-reliance plan, ▲the economic/social ripple effect, and one of them is Jinju City.

Jinju City is the center of the southern region, and has been striving to secure mobility data from an urban control center since 2014 to solve the traffic problems caused by the increase in population and vehicles in the wake of the creation of the Gyeongnam Innovation City and a national industrial city, and the development of a new city.

It has been focusing on big data collection and analysis-based urban management system since this year. Based on this foundation, KOTI was able to integrate its traffic big data ecosystem with the Jinju City's big data, enabling the implementation of the integrated platform (View-T) traffic mobility data, thus providing an open and shared system through various services.

Jinju City plans to install video analysis devices for recognizing vehicle numbers on main roads, collect various vehicle information from them, and establish an infrastructure by collecting various traffic-related data such as traffic volume information through vehicle counts, and build traffic-related big data using the KOTI's traffic platform (View-T). 

IVS is going to provide various technical supports such as establishing CCTV's vehicle number, video analysis-based devices, analysis systems and securing mobility data for the project.

In addition, Jinju City aims to create Korea's first big data and AI-based advanced traffic information system through the project to build a big data center based on a big data platform.

"We have been selected for the support project to build a big data transportation platform, including a plan to collect systematic mobility data to solve the traffic problem in Jinju City," a city official said. "We will do our best to create a traffic advanced city that provides traffic safety and convenience through the establishment of a high-tech transportation system based on big data and AI."

"We hope Jinju City will be able to become a traffic advanced city leading the fourth industry in the transportation sector through the support project," an IVS official said, adding, "IVS will do its best to help the city build a big data transportation platform."

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