LG Uplus propels the world's first '5G Smart Port'
LG Uplus propels the world's first '5G Smart Port'
  • Jung So-yeon
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LG Uplus plans to start the '5G Smart Port' business.


LG Uplus is going to start the '5G Smart Port' business. This is the first demonstration of operation of Smart Port based on 5G commercial network in the world.

"Smart Port" refers to the port operating system that maximizes efficiency in container operation through the crane remote control system. In general ports, which are open 24 hours a day, all cranes will be placed under unpredictable load blocks that will be allocated to new cargo, with the waiting time inefficiently long.

In smart ports, flexible crane operations by time will be possible depending on cargo unloading traffic due to remote control of high precision containers based on 5G ultra-low-delay video transmission technology. In addition, people will not have to travel to the field to work on shifts, which will also prevent safety accidents.

LG Uplus is planning to establish a remote control and automation system for domestic and foreign ports using 5G communication, prepare a 5G communication-based ultra-low-delay video transmission solution for remote control of port cranes, and engage in additional cooperation in technologies utilizing mobile network in smart ports.

Verification projects are carried out at container terminals in Korea. First of all, the company aims to apply it to "open storage yard cranes" that move freely between yard blocks without rails.

"The two companies with expertise in 5G telecommunication services and port crane automation solutions have designed a smart port business model through organic cooperation. As it is the first port system in the world to operate on 5G commercial networks, the company focuses on enhancing the quality of its business," said Seo Jae-yong, executive vice president of LG Uplus' corporate 5G business.

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