Ted and Amauri Paraskakis launch food and cooking online platform to share culinary skills
Ted and Amauri Paraskakis launch food and cooking online platform to share culinary skills
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[TORONTO] Ted Paraskakis and Amauri Paraskakis are showing their passion to the world with the launch of a food and cooking blog where they share their culinary skills and eating experience to their millions of readers. http://tedparaskakis.com/ is the online platform that is seemingly changing the way people see food and bringing a somewhat unique yet fun experience to cooking and food as a whole. 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, with a majority of the foods eaten passing through the kitchen. While others enjoy cooking, some prefer to eat out and often settle for fast foods from eateries. Regardless of the choice of food, the primary goal of eating is to enjoy the food and of course, benefit from the nutrients. However, millions of people across the globe often struggle with variety, leaving them and settling for practically anything that comes their way. This is where Ted and Amauri Paraskakis are looking to make a difference with the launch of their website and the subsequent post of helpful information and tips on cooking and eating.

The blog features a wide variety of categories, including breakfast, appetizers, BBQ, burgers, and fish. Other featured categories on the website are pie, salad, kabab, and crostini. The blog has grown over the years to become one of the most sought-after online resources for anything food-related, offering readers signature recipes to add some twist to their cooking and eating.

The website offers a comprehensive guide detailing how to make different types of foods in a language that can be easily understood regardless of their level of cooking skills. Some of the articles recently posted on the website include Amauri Paraskakis' Homemade Garlic Bread, Ted Paraskakis' famous grilled chicken thighs, and AMAURI PARASKAKIS GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH.

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