LG Electronics unveils first artificial intelligence 'ThinQ' platform
LG Electronics unveils first artificial intelligence 'ThinQ' platform
  • Jung So-yeon
  • 승인 2019.09.01 21:50
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LG Electronics is speeding up expansion of AI ecosystem based on open-source strategy by unveiling its AI ThinQ platform to the outside world for the first time.

LG Electronics made an announcement on Aug. 30 that it will introduce its own AI ThinkQ platform on the developer's website on Sept. 2. The site is a space for artificial intelligence developers. 

If it becomes a development partner, it can use SDK (Software Development Kit) that contains know-how of AI development accumulated by LG Electronics.

ThinQ platform is composed of voice, video, living and control intelligence and implements AI that is specialized for each product such as TV, household appliances, mobile phones, cars, and robots. In particular, data accumulates as more products are used, and it evolves into artificial intelligence that is customized for customers.

LG Electronics has increased security by applying international standard telecommunication encryption technology (TLS protocol) to its ThinQ platform so that customers' data that is entered into the product can be safely protected.

"ThinQ platform will continue to strengthen three AI-oriented areas: evolution, contact, and openness," said Park Il-pyong, LG Electronics' CTO. "We will continue to find competitive partners that can create synergy in the AI field by speeding up our open strategy."

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