‘AAPC 2019'...Evolving Cloud Platform Trend
‘AAPC 2019'...Evolving Cloud Platform Trend
  • Seol Myounghwan, Barun Group Communication Leader
  • 승인 2019.09.02 11:06
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NEWSRO is holding ‘Asia Advanced Platform Conference 2019(AAPC 2019)' on the 4th to explore trends and major opportunities in the cloud-based platform market. 

Under the theme of "Digital Transformation in Health Care Through Platform," the conference will bring together domestic and foreign cloud-based platform companies and officials to take a look at the latest trends. 

At the conference, it will take a look at trends in cloud technologies that are spreading across IT services and changing business environments, and share information on various healthcare platforms. 

As the first keynote speech, Seol Myoung-hwan (설명환), the head of the communications team of the first-generation ICT BARUNGroup company in Korea, will announce it under the title "Smart Health Care & Digital Transformation." 

In the 5G·AI era, it is going to introduce examples of digitalization in healthcare such as HAHAHA Alliance, Goodoc, and PillPack, which are based on Cloud. 

In his second keynote speech, Andrew Miller, president of AWSpluse Asia-Pacific and Japan, points out the success of future services and overseas cloud-based platforms created by the cloud under the title "A Differentiated Platform and partition strategy that drives the market." 

In his third keynote speech, James Lee, director of Asian affairs at IBN, will present how to expand the Platform Market and Create Business Opportunities. 

Under the theme of "Comprehensive Cooperation to Build a Platform Ecosystem," Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism KOREPA and the Seoul Metropolitan Mokdong Youth Center, respectively, will introduce foreign policies to foster a Cloud Ecosystem and announce policies by public organizations to vitalize Cloud Platforms. 

In addition, leading domestic and foreign companies and academic experts will analyze and announce health care cloud platform services.

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