Potash Project Receives Environmental Impact Assessment Approval
Potash Project Receives Environmental Impact Assessment Approval
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Albany Project environmentally sustainable and ready for next development phase

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/KOREA IT TIMES -- CanPacific's Albany Project, which includes development of its KL262 property and a proposed 3.25 million tonne per year solution potash mining operation, has been approved for its next phase of development based on a rigorous Environmental Assessment by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

CanPacific Potash
CanPacific Potash

CanPacific submitted a final Environmental Impact Statement to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in July 2018. CanPacific conducted extensive independent wildlife, wetland and rare plant surveys for the project, committing to protections outlined in the Saskatchewan Activity Restriction Guidelines for Sensitive Species.

The company retained SNC-Lavalin (Saskatoon) to develop the project's comprehensive environmental impact study and provide expertise through the permitting approval process.

"We are strongly committed to developing a project that is environmentally sustainable and respects our neighbors," said David Waugh, CEO of CanPacific. "We are pleased that the project can proceed with the Ministry's approval, the endorsement of local rural municipalities, and the strong support of stakeholders across the region."

The Ministry has approved the project to proceed subject to conditions and commitments CanPacific has made to minimize the project's impacts to vegetation, wetlands and wildlife, including:

  • No impacts to public pastureland or public grassland.
  • Location of plant site avoids Wascana Creek and tributaries.
  • Complete offsets or compensation for any lost wetland/pastureland/grassland habitat.
  • No impacts to the quality or supply of local water aquifers.

To affirm the sustainability of the project, CanPacific initiated comprehensive stakeholder consultations over a seven-year period, engaging local and regional authorities, Indigenous governments, landowners and community groups.

"We are committed to ongoing meaningful conversations around stakeholder needs, expectations, and concerns, building on the many solid working relationships we developed through our engagement efforts," said Kent Carter, CanPacific Director HSEC. "Maintaining the strong stakeholder support we have received to date is a priority."

CanPacific Potash

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, CanPacific Potash Inc. is a Joint Venture between North Atlantic Potash Inc. at 68% (a subsidiary of PJSC Acron) and Rio Tinto Potash Management Inc. at 32% (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc). PJSC Acron is one of the world's largest multi-mineral fertilizer producers, and Rio Tinto is among the world's largest metals and mining corporations. Learn more at canpacificpotash.com.

Albany Potash Project

Project Albany is a proposed 3.25 Mt/y solution potash mine in southern Saskatchewan. Learn more at projectalbany.ca.

For further information: David Waugh, Chief Executive Officer, +1 306 975 0210

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